Youth Boys Basketball



Purpose Statement

This document represents the By-Laws under which Vestavia Hills Youth Boys Basketball, Inc. (VHYBB) is governed.  The primary purpose of VHYBB is to provide boys the opportunity to compete in the game of basketball in an environment that encourages the development of core skills and fundamentals. The overall objective of VHYBB is to facilitate an increase in the knowledge, skills, sportsmanship and self-esteem in each participant.


In  furtherance  of  the  educational  and  charitable  purposes  for which VHYBB is formed, VHYBB is organized and will be operated primarily to provide organization, oversight and support and operate leagues and programs for the sport of basketball for the benefit of the youth in Vestavia Hills, Alabama and surrounding areas, to promote the values of sportsmanship, discipline,  integrity, self-esteem, and physical and mental conditioning; and to provide resources for the youth involved in such sport. 



Autonomous Organization

VHYBB is an autonomous organization; provided however, that the Vestavia Hills Parks and Recreation Board (“the Parks Board”) shall have ultimate responsibility for making all supportive and administrative decisions and coordinating all parks activities.


Establishing Rules

  1. VHYBB shall establish and enforce Organizational Rules, League Rules, and safety standards.
  2. These rules shall address good sportsmanship and conduct of all league participants as well as coaches, referees, and spectators.
  3. These rules shall include, without limitation, the prohibition of the use of alcohol, tobacco, profanity and harassment of players, coaches, and referees.
  4. While the VHYBB Executive Board will have ultimate responsibility for enforcing such rules, all league directors, coaches, and referees shall also be expected to abide by and help enforce the Organizational Rules, League Rules, and safety standards.


Enforcement of Rules

  1. VHYBB shall have the necessary authority to enforce disciplinary rules set forth in its By-Laws and rules governing play.
  2. The Parks Board may take such action, as it deems appropriate should VHYBB fail to comply with any provision of the By-Laws.


Members of VHYBB

A MEMBER of VHYBB shall be defined as the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of the participant(s) in the program during the prior or current fiscal season.


Oversight of Park Board

  1. The Parks Board shall have authority to remove any officer of the VHYBB Executive Board.


  1. Should the Park Board deem it necessary to remove an officer, said individual may not later be reinstated by VHYBB, nor may said individual be eligible to hold any other office of VHYBB.



Voting Executive Board Members

VHYBB shall have an Executive Board that will consist of a President, a Vice President, a Treasurer, a 6th – 12th Grade Divisional Representative, and a 1st - 5th grade Divisional Representative. 


Non-Voting Executive Board Members

The Executive Board shall have two non-voting members.


  1. Parks Board Representative
  2. A Parks Board member shall serve as a non-voting member of the Executive Board.  The Parks Board member may not serve in any other capacity within the VHYBB other than assistant coach.


  1. The Parks Board President shall appoint the Parks Board representative to the VHYBB.


  1. The Parks Board member of the Executive Board shall schedule and coordinate the use of all park facilities.


  1. Vestavia Hills High School Varsity Boys Basketball Coach

At his discretion, the Vestavia Hills High School Varsity Boys Basketball coach shall serve as a non-voting member and advisor to the VHYBB Board.


Term of Voting Members of Executive Board

  1. The voting members of the Executive Board shall be elected by the members of VHYBB and shall serve as the voting body of VHYBB for the then current year’s term.


  1. If any Voting Member is unable to complete his/her term of office, the Executive Board shall appoint a person to complete the term of office to fill such vacancy; provided however, if the President is unable to complete his/her term, the Vice President shall serve the remaining term of the President and the Executive Board shall appoint a person to fill the Vice President’s position. All members of the Executive shall assume their duties after completion of the Annual Meeting that is require to be held in April each year.


  1. The President and Vice President shall serve a term of two years, and a maximum of one term in each position.  All other members shall be elected annually.


  1. Any term that is due to expire shall expire at the close of the Annual Meeting to be held in April.



  1. The Executive Committee shall have the power by simple majority vote of the current entire Executive Committee to expel, or ask for the resignation of, any officer for inactivity, or conduct unbecoming an officer of the Association, league director, or coach in VHYBB.


  1. Any such person under consideration for expulsion, suspension, or requested resignation, shall have the right to a hearing at a special meeting of the Executive Committee. This meeting shall be called as promptly as possible, and the decision of the Executive Committee shall be final.


Election Process

  1. Qualifications.  Members of the Executive Board shall reside within the city limits of Vestavia Hills or have children that are otherwise eligible to attend Vestavia Hills City Schools.


  1. Annual Elections. VHYBB shall hold elections annually to replace any officer whose terms expires at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting to be held in April.


  1. Nominating Committee.  The Executive Board shall appoint a nominating committee of at least three members (excluding the President), not less than forty-five (45) days prior to the election during the annual meeting in April.


  1. Nominations. Thirty days (30) prior to the date for election of officers, the individuals selected by the nominating committee shall be posted in the Recreation Center, along with the date, time, and location of the VHYBB election. Additional individual nominations other than those selected by the nominating committee may be made by notifying the Chairman of the nominating committee no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the election. No nominations will be accepted subsequent to the fourteen (14) day dead line.


  1. Voting.  If there are no additional nominees then the list submitted by the nominating committee shall be deemed elected and no formal election shall be necessary. If there are qualified additional nominees, then the election shall proceed as scheduled.  Each officer being voted upon shall be elected by a majority vote of those entitled to vote and present at the election. No absentee ballots may be accepted.


  1. Eligible Voters.  All Members present on the election date shall vote upon the nominees selected, provided that any participant (or family of participants) shall have no more than two Members eligible to vote.


  1. Results.  Names of elected officers shall be posted in the Recreation Center at conclusion of the election.




The President shall have general supervision of the VHYBB program.  He/she will act as the official representative of VHYBB at all times. He/she shall call all meetings, set the agenda and attend in person or through an appointed designee, all Park Board Meetings.


Vice President

The Vice President will give general assistance to the VHYBB President. He/she assumes all of the President’s duties in the absence of the President.



  1. The Treasurer  is responsible for the financial transactions of VHYBB. He/she must keep accurate records and accounts of all VHYBB transactions. He/she shall provide an audited record of all financial transactions of VHYBB on an annual basis.


  1. Financial accountability is of paramount interest to the Park Board; therefore, VHYBB, will adhere to financial control standards set forth in the June 2017 Vestavia Hills Parks and Recreation Financial Control Policy.


Divisional Representatives

  1. The primary responsibility of the two Divisional Representatives is to assure fairness and equity in the selection of teams with players and coaches for each basketball division.


  1. Divisional Representatives shall make recommendations to the Board on all coaching positions and League Directors.


League Directors

  1. The Executive Committee shall appoint a league director for each division from 1st – 12th grade.


  1. Each League Director shall help recruit and recommend coaches in their age group.


  1. Each league director shall maintain the official team records and standings during the season.


  1. League Directors, with the assistance of the Executive Committee, shall conduct evaluations (if needed), drafts and, if appropriate, oversee the selection of the All Star teams and coaches.


  1. League Directors shall maintain proper conduct among players, coaches, and spectators at all times.


  1. It is the responsibility of the League Directors to convey the concerns of the coaches and parents of their league to the Executive Committee. 


Head Coaches

  1. Head Coaches will be selected by the Executive Board from applications received. This shall take place on or around October 1st of each year, but no later than October 31.


  1. There shall be an appropriate number of coaches chosen for each age group in VHYBB so that the number of team members is no less than 6 and no more than 8.


  1. It is the responsibility of the head coach to choose his/her assistants; the appointed assistants and number of assistants must meet the criteria of VHYBB.


  1. If a coach is chosen for a particular age group, and for whatever reason, cannot fulfill his/her obligation to remain head coach, the Executive Board has the option of either choosing a coach that was on the list of candidates or look for a new coach. Prior experience in another sport or league is preferred.



Regular and Annual Meetings

The Executive Committee will meet on a regular basis as needed with the date and time of such meetings to be determined by the President and will hold an annual meeting in April of each year.



A quorum of the Executive Committee shall consist of a majority of the current entire Executive Committee, with a quorum required before any business can be transacted; and all questions will be decided by a majority vote of the current entire Executive Committee.



General Complaints

Any member of VHYBB, participant, coach, or referee may present to the Executive Board a concern, complaint, grievance, or request for corrective action regarding any aspect of VHYBB operations.  Before requesting corrective action or relief from the Executive Board, members, participants, coaches, or referees with such complaints, grievances, or requests should first present them for resolution to the officer (league director or coach) who has the authority and ability to address the problem or to implement the requested action. If the issue is not resolved by the coach or league director, the complaint, grievance, or request should then be presented to the Divisional Representative.  If the Divisional Representative is unable to resolve the complaint, grievance, or request, then the member, participant, coach, or referee shall have the right to request corrective action or relief from the Executive Board.



The President is authorized to develop specific procedures that will provide for fair consideration and orderly review of complaints and grievances.  Such procedures may not unreasonably burden or delay the presentation or processing of such matters, and will be subject to Executive Board review, modification, and approval.


Appeal to the Parks Board

Should the Executive Board not satisfactorily resolve the complaint, grievance, or request for relief, the Member, participant, coach, or referee may request relief or corrective action from the Parks Board.  Such petition shall be made in accordance Parks Board’s bylaws and any applicable policies and procedures. 



Notwithstanding any other provision of these By-laws, VHYBB shall not carry on any other activities not permitted to be carried on by a corporation exempt from Federal Income Tax under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law).


Amendments By Majority Vote

These By-laws may be amended or added to by a simple majority of the Executive Board provided a quorum is present.


Amendments to be in Writing

Any amendment or addition to these bylaws must be in writing.

Approval by Parks Board

If the By-laws are changed in anyway, the changes will not be in effect until the proposed changes are submitted to the Parks Board in writing and the Parks Board approves the proposed changes.